My husband and I started with The Bodsquad in January 2010.  We realized that our weight had become an issue that we could no longer ignore.  With Dan’s family history of heart disease, his high cholesterol and his recent diagnoses of sleep apnea as well as my own problems with being overweight, it became apparent to us that it was time for a change and that these changes needed to be for life.

We joined Anytime Fitness and started meeting with Jeff from the Bodsquad once a week because we lacked the knowledge and the tools to get started on our own.  It was seeing lower numbers on the scale that fueled my motivation.  Dan however, was focused on strengthening and building his muscles, but our end goal was the same: to become healthier people.

It has been on year since we joined Anytime Fitness and started with Bodsquad the results are far beyond what we expected.  I have lost 50 pounds, as well as lowered my heart rate from 120 to 60.  Dan has lost 40 pounds, dropped his cholesterol by 40 points and no longer needs a CPAP machine to control his sleep apnea.

This last year marks a major turning point in our lives.  We have achieved so much more than we could have ever hoped and we owe it all to Jeff, our personal trainer.  He is our success story.  By keeping us accountable and motivated, we have been able to reach our goals and arrive at that lifestyle change we were seeking at the beginning of last year.  It’s because of our hard work and his dedication that we have become healthier and happier people.


The Rice’s




I can’t believe some of the weights I’ve been lifting. After an injury in the early 1990′s I thought strength training was over for me, but through the guidance and expertise of Jeff, I am crushing personal records I never thought possible!

-Doug W

I have always been pretty comfortable in the gym and have worked out for years. I was having trouble losing the last 10lbs I needed to be stage ready. Jeff was able to open my eyes and show me things that were severely lacking in my nutrition, It was the missing piece I needed!


I started with the Bodsquad 5 years ago. Coming from a family that was well equipped with good genetics (Grandfather played in NFL, Father was an NFL hopeful until he had a career ending knee injury) I knew I had the ability to achieve greatness i just lacked the knowledge on how to get there..

Coming into the gym I knew no more than the basic pull up and push up. After sitting down with Jeff from the Bodsquad I was instantly surprised with the level of detail and dedication he showed. I was able to cut my work out times basically in half with TWICE the effectiveness.


The Bodsquad has taught me everything I know and because of Jeff and his knowledge I now have the opportunity to go to the 2014 Winter Olympics in Russia. What will the Bodsquad do for you?!

- Jordan Quam

Bodsquad Sponsored Athlete and Client



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